How to mix refractory mortar by hand - ABC Ovens

This video shows you how easy it is to mix refractory mortar in a bucket by hand.

Proper consistency is vital to making it easy to use and get maximum bond on your fire brick. Enjoying constructing your DIY pizza oven kit!

The air setting mortar we use in our DIY pizza ovens is so easy to use.

Youll use approximately 20% water content for this ASM mortar.

So for one 15kg bag - you would use approximately 3lt of water.

One of the beautiful things about this product is that you have plenty of time to work with the product out of your bucket. And if you don't use all that you've mixed - just clean the sides of the bucket and cover the top of the mortar with 20cm of water and you can come back to it in a week or so...providing the water hasn't evaporated due to the weather.

Have fun with your DIY pizza oven kit!


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