Travis's Pizza Oven Buyer's Guide

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Hey everybody! Australia has the best weather and spring/summer balmy nights are unbeatable! Especially around the pool with the family and a few friends whilst cooking up a lamb roast in the wood oven...m mmmmmmm Anyway, the reason for this post is to let you know I have just updated the Buyer's Guide so if you are searching for a Pizza Oven, whether DIY or Finished - be sure to check it out as it has heaps of really helpful information! I initially wrote the Buyer's Guide to help the public understand what's trustworthy information and what's not out in the market. There are some dodgy operators out there AND there are some good ones! For instance, Don, from DIY Woodfired Ovens in Busselton, WA makes really good quality ovens! He's my competitor, but I can't fault his oven (the refractory design and materials he uses are quality)... Anyhow, there are some great tips for you in the Buyer's Guide and a bit of information about ABC Ovens and our range of ovens too. Just send me a text or email if you'd like a copy and I'll email one through to you. Here's a brief overview of what information is in the Pizza Oven Buyer's Guide:

Firebrick versus Precast Pizza Ovens

Your Guide to Refractory

Thermal Challenges

Curing, Cracking and Water - Refractories

Refractory Definitions

11 Must know TIPS Before Buying a Wood Fired Oven

Good Questions To Ask Your Manufacturer

Mearsy Wood Ovens Review

Authentic Oven NZ Review

Who Are ABC Ovens

Anyhow, good vibes to you! Hope to speak to you soon, please don't hesitate to get in touch if you've got any questions or would like a copy of the Pizza Oven Buyer's Guide. Cheers!

Travis - ABC Ovens