Can the ABC DIY Kits be shipped anywhere in Australia?

Yes. The ABC DIY Kit can be shipped anywhere within Australia. Go to My Order page and scroll down for details or Contact Us.

Are brick ovens better?

We think so! And in most cases yes. It does depends on the type of refractories used though. We use a 38% alumina firebrick which is high quality for a pizza oven.

What is a practical height for my oven when it comes to cooking?

Whatever you’re comfortable with, based on how tall you are. You don’t want to be lifting heavy dishes or accessories above what’s comfortable. Generally between 900mm – 1000mm works well.

How long does it take to assemble an ABC Ovens DIY kit?

It depends on the ability of the person building it. All our ovens can be built in a day (a big day). You’d be best to allow a weekend to achieve completion of the oven.

How far away should the flu be from surrounding fences or trees?

The flu should have enough space around it to catch wind draft. If the flu is pressed up against a wall or bush for example – it will hinder the draft and make it harder to crank the fire. The higher the flu the easier and quicker the wood will burn.

What should I use to build my base?

Your base can be built out of limestone, bricks, concrete, steel, or timber. Limestone, bricks, and concrete are most popular due to their hardy nature and heat tolerance. Concrete, steel, and wood need to be insulated more thoroughly than limestone or brick.

Do I have to cure my ABC Pizza Oven?

Yes. Every oven needs to be cured before it can be used for cooking purposes. You should light a small (keep flames away from bricks) fire in the middle of oven for 4-8 hours before using for cooking. IDEALLY - DO THIS BEFORE INSULATING YOUR OVEN.

Do I need a door for my ABC Woodfired Oven?

Not necessarily, but you will be limiting cooking versatility without one. Baking breads and cakes, and slow stewing for instance, requires a door for most effective cooking. We offer these as optional extras with our ovens.

Is an ABC Brick Oven better than a precast oven?

We think so! It will in most cases hold more heat than its competitors due to the material type and thickness.

Will my ABC Oven require much maintenance?

It shouldn’t. Provided it is weatherproofed externally, there is very little maintenance involved with wood fired ovens. You may need to sweep it out every so often, but that is all.

Do I need to allow any bench space near my oven for food preparation?

If you can, yes! Your cooking and entertaining experience will be more enjoyable if you have space to prepare or handle food and utensils.

How much free space between the back, or side, of the oven and the wall of the house is required?

From a heat point of view, it doesn’t matter because the heat is retained.

Is ceramic fibre hazardous?

When installing fibre blanket, technically you should use appropriate dust masks and gloves. In terms of cooking, there is no danger associated with using ceramic fibre as it’s completely enclosed.

If I buy an ABC DIY Kit and I need advice – how can I get help?

Everyone who buys an ABC Ovens Brick Kit will receive high quality instructions. If you are still stuck – Mike will be happy to assist you. Our goal is to make your DIY experience enjoyable, rewarding, and easy.

Where is the best spot to build my pizza oven?

There are a few things to consider when deciding where to place your oven. The main two being: (1) where’s practical and (2) where will it look best. IE: If it is far from the kitchen or the entertaining area, it may become frustrating. And if it can’t be viewed by guests, you are only getting cooking value, without atmospheric or aesthetic value.

“Initially I was daunted about the prospect of building my own oven but you made it so simple and provided me with some really practical tips. I don't think I could have built it as easy and good as it is if it wasn't for your advice.”

- ­Joost & Yvette